Aswathy Santhosh of Payyanur in Kannur has varied hobbies. She has a craze for automobiles, however, studied style designing. However, while choosing a profession, the 24-yr-old decided on farm animals rearing.
The younger female prefers to name herself a dairy farmer now. She has round 10 cows on her farm. Moreover, Aswathy is particular that she should see appearance after each want of the cows.
A love affair with livestock
Aswathy will not hesitate to express her affection for cows and spends almost the complete day along with her farm animals. “Every day, I wake up at four am and reach the farm, that’s 7 km away, with the aid of 5 am. I milk the cows; take the milk to the houses in which it’s miles bought and additionally to the Milma amassing center. Meanwhile, I additionally wash the livestock,” says Aswathy.

She then stays at the farm until noon petting her cows and even accomplishing small talk with them. In the afternoon, Aswathy travels 36 km from Payyanur to Kannur metropolis to acquire feed for her cows. She drives her very own pick out-up van for a reason.
Vegetables to be fed to the cows are taken from the Puthiyatheru and Haji Road markets within the metropolis. Aswathy picks up one load of veggies for them. Many buddies at the marketplace assist Aswathy load the sacks of vegetables directly to the van. She then drives back to the farm. After the paintings there, Aswathy frequently reaches domestic only with the aid of 8 pm.
The farm changed into commenced with the aid of Aswathy three years in the past. But she has loved cows from a completely younger age. “When I became a small child, there have been cows and goats in our house. I had struck a bond with them seeing that then. So after I later decided to show an entrepreneur, the first idea that came to my mind became farm animals rearing,” she famous.
The farm was commenced with simply cows. Later with a sponsored mortgage, Aswathy improved the challenge. Soon she had 30 cows. However, the outbreak of a disease made it tough for the younger lady to appearance after such a lot of animals all using herself. “In this type of situation, I became pressured to sell some of my cows,” informs Aswathy.
At domestic, she has a desirable guide for her assignment from her parents, brother and husband. “Nobody forces me to do whatever. They have not forced me to pursue a profession in style designing despite the fact that I even have executed a course on the problem. I have been given the liberty to do whatever I like,” says the enterprising young lady.
However, as she is fully engaged along with her work the entire day, Aswathy has surpassed over the venture of searching after her five-yr-antique daughter Gaya to her mom.
Vehicles too thrill her
Every day, Aswathy drives her pick-up van 36 km to Kannur. But she by no means receives weary. In fact, she enjoys the pressure. “It was mine after who taught me using at the same time as I become more youthful. The first car I attempted to become an automobile-rickshaw. Later, I secured a heavy riding license and might deal with maximum styles of vehicles,” she says. Aswathy additionally has a countrywide permit.

Aswathy and her husband, Santhosh had set out on an adventure last year. They had traveled to Leh and Ladakh on a motorbike and the 21-day experience protected 10,600 km.
Aswathy’s husband operates a Tavera and she is constantly organized to take its passengers to their vacation spot in case Santhosh has any inconvenience.

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