Detroit -With plant closures hanging over the start of settlement negotiations, General Motors leader Mary Barra on Tuesday warned the United Auto Workers union that the industry is going through a tough road ahead.

Barra opened talks with hard work on the traditional handshake ceremony, emphasizing that the enterprise need to be prepared to exchange to be better placed for the future.

“In a reworking enterprise, if we need our employer to grow — and develop jobs — we can’t maintain doing things the same manner,” she stated.

GM has drawn the wrath of the UAW and President Donald Trump over plans to halt manufacturing at four US vegetation together with a chief one in Lordstown, Ohio, a state that would be key to Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.

GM is trying to promote that plant to a startup organization presenting to construct electric-powered vehicles.

“I have made it clean publicly and in lots of conversations with elected officers — consisting of President Trump — that we are committed to making an investment in and growing jobs within the US,” Barra stated.

But she advised that similarly to demanding situations of converting era, “we maintain to perform in a totally uncertain change environment in a long-lead industry.”

After launching contract negotiations with Ford on Monday, UAW President Gary Jones opened talks Tuesday with GM and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Mark Stewart, FCA’s chief working officer in North America, had a comparable message for employees approximately the need for the enterprise to prepare for a future so that it will be ruled with the aid of electric powered and self-riding automobiles.

“Our operational flexibility, the power of our competitive value shape we created together, are needed to retain to fund these investments with electrification and the destiny of all of our organization,” Stewart told labor leaders, in keeping with media reviews.

Jones repeated the message he brought to Ford, pronouncing the union expects to make financial profits and percentage in earnings in the contracts it’s going to signal this coming fall.

“When you needed us, we have been there, and we expect no much less in return,” he stated.

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