TIRUVALLA: Tapioca, popularly called kappa across the country, is one of the warm favorites inside the menu of Malayalees. Sold for Rs 30 to Rs forty in line with kg in retail markets within the kingdom, the common-or-garden kappa has attained VIP status and is being bought for a whopping Rs 489 per kg on popular e-commerce website online Amazon. After cut-price, one will have it for Rs 299. This list comes close on the heels of reports of coconut shells being listed for Rs three,000.

The dealer ‘Worth2Deal’ will supply the tapioca within six days with out refrigerating it. While replying to a patron’s query at the website, the vendor said the deal changed into typically intended for individuals who are not from Kerala. “Hence, they will ship the object from Kerala in a speed mode, and that’s why the price became elevated to nearly Rs 500,” they stated.

The fee also consists of delivery, packing, and Amazon Listing Charges. The supplier stated there was sizable income, mainly from non-resident Keralites.

The price growth is likewise attributed to tapioca turning into an item on five-big name inn menus. Dried tapioca, in the meantime, is offered for Rs 100 in shops while on the e-commerce website, it is indexed at Rs 199. However, it seems the advantages are not percolating to the farmers. Ajaykumar, an organic farmer said: “This is a sign, and the Department of Agriculture need to take steps for starting up an e-commerce facility for farmers. There is not any possibility for farmers to get a higher rate for his or her produce.”

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