Women were taking to social media claiming a scammer has been focused on them at local parking lots and seeking to take their money.
FOX40 is not displaying the face of the person the girls say conned them because he has no longer been arrested.
Busy with her children, Jacquelyn Davis isn’t into disagreement maximum days of the week — however this become a specific day.
“I can only imagine if something befell like that to my daughters, I’d be doing the equal component. I’d pass knock to your door, ‘You’re now not going to do this,’” Davis said.
FOX40 accompanied Davis on her determined march to knock on the door of the person she says fooled her Monday with a scam that’s been lights up social media with proceedings among mothers.
They say a person strolling has been dashing into the paths of their motors at the same time as they’re backing up, pretending he was so scared he would be hit he dropped his phone. The girls say the man then pressured them to pay the more or less $three hundred deductible on his smartphone coverage.
When she couldn’t give him that plenty in her local Save Mart car parking zone Monday, Davis stated the man took $a hundred and twenty.
“I don’t have a whole lot of money to provide, and so it changed into form of irritating,” Davis defined. “But on the identical time, I desired to do the proper issue.”
Later, scrolling through Facebook, Davis noticed posts from other moms from West Sacramento to Elk Grove complaining about the same enjoy.
One mom became in Roseville in the Macy’s parking garage on the Westfield Galleria whilst she says the man scammed her. She did not want to be identified.
“And he changed into like, ‘No, no, no, you didn’t hit me. I’m OK, however my phone.’ And sort of, like, held his phone up to me and that felt a little weird,” she stated. “He became like, ‘Well, I’d definitely hate with the intention to should visit the Apple store and buy me a new iPhone.’ And I turned into like, ‘OK, you know what?’ I said, ‘Why don’t we call the police?’”
Some mentioned the encounters to police but none of those times were stated as crimes because no cash turned into exchanged.
Through pics posted by way of different mothers who believed they had been scammed, Davis tracked down the man she thinks took her $one hundred twenty to invite for it returned.
In the stop, the man she recognized also informed her someone changed into impersonating him and that someone had stolen his identification card.
Though he talked to Davis face to face, the suspected scammer might best communicate to FOX40 through a partially-raised storage door. He shared the identical story, denying his involvement and announcing he “lost his ID several months in the past.”
That explanation became not accurate enough Davis.
“I’ll be knocking on his door every single day that I do not have cash in my hand,” she stated.
Save Mart could no longer show Davis their surveillance video from Monday. Roseville’s Westfield Galleria has confirmed to FOX40 it does have video of what appears to be a staged incident there however they may not launch that video.
Even although Davis did give up coins as a part of all this, she says deputies told her it’s an intricate scheme to beg for money, no longer precisely a crime, and there was nothing they might do.
The California Department of Insurance often hears approximately a multitude of scams, but a spokesman said this one had now not hit their radar until FOX40 inquired about it.
They stated that a few of the women who claimed to had been scammed did exactly the proper element and pronounced the situation to their insurance groups right away, even though police reports could not be filed and no cash have been exchanged.
“We have 300 enforcement detectives and investigators, sworn officials, who inspect all styles of insurance fraud. So, if there’s an trouble here, we want to hear approximately it,” said Michael Soller with the California Department of Insurance.

GPS systems through way of clever phones or mobile high-tech phones is quite feasible (now available), and you do not even want satellites to do it. If you are in the realm of numerous cellular towers your location may be triangulated quite speedy, which pinpoints your actual place inside 10 ft. Ah ha, you spot the hassle on this too; What about privacy you ask? That’s an awesome point and that is every other problem that humans are quite concerned approximately with all this new high-tech personal clever telephone improvements.
Google Phone and social networking connections appear to be on horizon. That is to mention, linking your clever smartphone with all your social networking buddies, however apparently Google were given into a touch little bit of a trouble and stated that many humans are not prepared for that simply yet. In reality, many folks that are pals on social networks and make connections, don’t have any goal of ever assembly these humans in actual existence, and consequently they are not really friends. And since you do not without a doubt recognise some thing about the ones connections or friends on your social networking website online, the final aspect you want them to do is recognize precisely wherein you are within 10 toes.
That ought to appear like obvious, and in the destiny it is able to now not be one of these big deal, however people are nevertheless a touch paranoid and they like to have their privateness. Meanwhile, we examine more and more articles approximately social networking gone terrible. That is to say people the usage of social networks to stalk other human beings, and this additionally concerns dad and mom who’ve teens, who use social networks on a daily foundation, and some that use them on an hourly basis, and a very good many that seem to be texting every little while.
One recent take a look at of cellular cellphone users turned into able to have a ninety three% predictability of where a person might be primarily based at the styles decided by way of their cell telephone, and when it become linked to any given nearby cellular tower. The examine found that the general public live within 6 miles in their houses. These styles of predictability are a truth in our society and the way we perform as individuals – nevertheless this brings up all styles of troubles that have attracted the eye of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and it also touches on the problem of privateness and paranoia, it catches humans off shield.
Then there’s the new fashion with smart mobs the usage of their clever telephones, and having amusing with and assembly up in numerous places all on the same time. Although those schemes are used for amusing, enjoyment, and socializing, these identical forms of smart mobs have the energy to destabilize a society or civilization. Consider if you will the usage of generation in Tiananmen Square – ought to governments be involved about your clever cellphone technology, or the future of 4G wireless cellular phones? They in all likelihood need to be concerned with it, especially if it’s far utilized by a overseas authorities to provide mass protests in opposition to what could be a ordinary stabile government.
In different words it has makes use of in conflict, the CIA, in bringing down corrupt regimes which can be enemies to United States. But rest assured – the equal aspect may want to occur inside the United States in which possibly a communist rogue kingdom kingdom decided to have protests in the United States in our main towns on Mayday. It could effortlessly show up in particular with our personal generation being used in opposition to us, due to all the interconnectivity that it offers.

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