Ads have been two dimensional for a totally long time. Whatever advert you notice on TV, newspaper, print magazine, pc display or mobile telephone display – all are -dimensional advertisements. The advert is on a screen and the screen has the only axis. X & Y. Width and top.

One of the motives why marketers in no way took the 0.33 dimension seriously changed into because there was no way to bring the third size in play. Before the age of digital advertising, TV and newspapers gave very restricted scope for a way their advert ought to reach the viewers.


TV channels have 15 2nd and 30-second slots to run a video advert. There turned into no manner to squeeze in more content material and hence marketers attempted to make the maximum of the 30 seconds.

Ads concerned displaying something surprising, funny or whatever that may get the attention of the viewer and make the viewer recall the logo. They needed to acquire this beneath constrained time.

Newspapers gave marketers a very restricted real estate. You ought to in shape in enough words in a specific measurement. You needed to provide you with an extremely good identify, an image which captures humans’ attention and in the long run ensure that the viewer recalls the logo for a destiny by choice or at least does a movement like cutting out a discount or call more than a few.

What entrepreneurs purpose for are attain and frequency. If you’re capable of attaining a variety of humans but do not have the minimum required frequency to make sure that your ability clients do not forget your emblem, then the advert isn’t going to serve its purpose.

People may want to run an ad which is proven to 5 billion human beings, however best once. It wouldn’t serve any motive. The satisfactory strategy with the generation to be had at that point changed into to repeat the identical message across time, across places, throughout channels. The first-rate stability of reach and frequency needs to be accomplished.

Such sort of repetition is ideal for simple services and products. Consumer brands like electronics and food groups do now not have complicated merchandise and there is nothing to train the purchaser about. All the message they had to convey become: I’m a very good brand, humans find it irresistible, it’s excellent for you, so select us over our competition.

One thing that entrepreneurs were by no means able to crack the usage of marketing changed into that they might never supply their messages in a series, unique to every client.

Consumers did not have private devices and all of the media that became available like TV, Newspaper, and Radio isn’t personalized and linked to a single consumer.

In the age of virtual advertising, we’ve got the electricity to target unique customers with specific commercials, but additionally, retarget the patron with observes up messages which can be precise for that particular segment of the customer.

Such sort of energy in advertising and marketing never existed earlier than. And this power of concentrated on net customers lets in entrepreneurs to do advertising inside the 1/3 dimension. Digital advertising will lead to the death of frequency in ads. There is not any want to copy the equal advertising message time and again to all the capacity users, whilst you may supply special messages, specific to an unmarried user, over a time frame.
The Third Dimension

By now you are probably thinking what is marketing inside the third size. The third size is time.

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