With a focal point on providing assessment, making plans and controlled safety services to its clients, GRA Quantum places a top class on retaining its clients’ facts safe. To accomplish this, it companions with world-elegance technology, safety, and cloud carriers.
But something interesting came about alongside the way in its pursuit to supply cloud facts safety. In the route of its cybersecurity work, the agency became enamored of Allure Security, which makes risk detection and reaction technology. GRA Quantum robotically recommends to its customers for monitoring and studying cloud-primarily based report get entry to and sharing. The answer focuses solely on facts, supplying gear to stumble on and reply to incidents where information or files are inappropriately considered, accessed or copied. It can flag capacity risks, allowing validated customers to drill down into each possible threat at once from the dashboard to study critical details needed to address the one’s risks.
The generation addresses what many trusts to be the greatest weak spot in cloud computing: the lack of governance, auditing, and logging. In essence, it provides more visibility into the get admission to and manages of covered documents through filtering and facts cleansing activities after which appearing chance checks on every occasion.

“One of the most important challenges with cloud systems and products is governance of these platforms—making sure that people are not accessing the platform if they aren’t speculated to be accessing it, and ensuring customers recognize how to correctly proportion their documents without exposing them, although it’s just out of ignorance,” said Jennifer Greulich, director of controlled safety offerings at GRA Quantum.
Also, Greulich stated, maximum cloud structures have confined functionality for auditing and logging. “We found out that we had no way of seeing whether or not or not unauthorized access happened on our sensitive documents because of the dearth of logging and auditing inside maximum cloud environments,” she said. “It’s surely pretty shocking that cloud vendors are becoming away with no longer supplying logging and proper auditing in their systems for goodbye.”
Greulich said there have additionally been instances internally wherein personnel has been mishandling documents. For example, they may open a document, shop it to their pc and then electronic mail it to themselves. “Without the use of a third-birthday celebration device, there may be not anything that could inform our security operations center [SOC] that that befell.”
Before turning to Allure, GRA Quantum attempted numerous other approaches to defensive its statistics property. The organization carried out periodic audits on its file device to determine which documents had been shared externally and analyzed document sharing homes. But this required appearing permissions audits and, even then, it changed into tough to decide if a document had been accessed, downloaded or emailed to an external supply.
The GRA Quantum group then appeared into APIs and different 1/3-party tools, however, determined cloud ordinarily get right of entry to safety agents (CASB). While that gear is effective, they’re overkill for what the organization wanted in terms of both functionality and fee. What GRA Quantum needed, Greulich, determined, became a simpler answer that centered particularly on shielding statistics and notifying the SOC if records were compromised.
Getting On Board
It didn’t take lengthy for GRA Quantum to come back to the conclusion that what turned into working for its clients could paintings for them. What’s extra, Allure became already licensed to paintings with Office 365, which GRA Quantum makes use of appreciably. Allure covers documents stored in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and OneNote. According to Allure, its era reads log records from Office 365, inclusive of user names, record names and paths, and IP addresses. It then filters the log facts, provides geographic and organizational insights, and stores them for a long time.
Greulich’s group has spent a previous couple of months enforcing and pleasant-tuning the era. It makes use of the danger scoring, as an instance, to evaluate departing personnel and make sure they aren’t having access to proprietary information before leaving the enterprise. It makes use of the geolocation technology to acquire signals approximately facts access from different international locations. For example, GRA Quantum changed into alerted that a person in Qatar opened a document, along with person information, the file, and the record route. With these facts, the organization was able to decide that the conduct turned into perfect and retune the alert. “But while we see a user in a place where we recognize we don’t have customers, we realize we will have a problem,” Greulich stated.
GRA Quantum additionally uses Allure’s record beacon technology, which permits the organization to tune documents even when after they may be now not inside the Office 365 environment. This includes decoy files that may come across leaks and breaches.
“We’ll bury files within report systems that no everyday consumer will be attempting to find and know that if any person hits a recognized report, we’ve were given some thing nefarious occurring in our community, as it’s an automatic device finding that document,” Greulich stated.
Eventually, Greulich hopes to take advantage of the era’s data loss forensics era, which allows preventing the sharing and publicity of statistics. “Right now we are in stumble on-most effective mode, but we’d like to extend this in a manner that we will save you, not just hit upon,” she said. “We want to apply it as a way to save you facts from leaving our company inside the first place, throughout our entire organization.”
Greulich also hopes to influence Allure to broaden the attraction of its cloud facts safety product, both for its own employer and for its clients. For instance, it has asked Allure to do not forget supporting no longer handiest Office 365 but Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. The business enterprise also has asked a way to music files on users’ laptops.
“There are infinite instances where users will open a cloud report and shop or download or something because they want to edit it or perhaps aren’t acquainted with virtually how to use cloud era,” she explained. “That approach we have filed all over endpoints and there may be no manner to song that.
“At the give up of the day, I need to peer wherein is our touchy data, who is the use of it and how can we protect it,” she delivered. “We suppose that this could cross a long manner for us to do that.”

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