Symantec, the sector’s leading cyber safety agency, introduced its new cloud get right of entry to security method to assist secure cloud and internet access and use in an enterprise environment.
These upgrades and integrations throughout Symantec’s community protection portfolio further function Symantec as the most effective safety issuer to offer an included cloud-brought answer that lessens operational charges and complexity, while decreasing operational danger.
In today’s commercial enterprise environment, there is a first-rate volume of organization network traffic directed to the cloud and net. Regardless of the place or the device, customers need direct, always-on get right of entry to to cloud resources to be effective.
And IT companies want an easy, price-effective approach to make sure worker get admission to is cozy to all the organization cloud and net destinations.
“Traditional community perimeters are dissolving as cloud technology trade the way we work. Symantec knows the need for a Zero Trust method, which reduces the emphasis on perimeter-based totally protection and makes a specialty of imparting the proper secure access to personnel no matter place or device,” stated Art Gilliland, EVP, and GM, business enterprise merchandise, Symantec.
“Symantec has a powerful cloud and net safety portfolio, and we continue to innovate and integrate to help our customers improve protection within the evolving landscape, all while decreasing fee and complexity.”
Symantec’s present-day answer innovations, a part of the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, allow establishments to put into effect steady Zero Trust safety regulations for customers getting access to SaaS programs, corporate applications in IaaS environments, cloud-based totally e-mail, and the internet.
Zero Trust access safety gives legal customers access handiest to the community and cloud sources they want to perform obligations and strictly enforces records protection and hazard prevention polices. As such, it’s far an effective manner to secure the enterprise as it movements to the cloud.
In addition, to getting entry to controls, the answer offers unique visibility and content material scanning talents, permitting corporations to put in force constant DLP rules on data being sent to cloud and net destinations, and chance inspection for content downloads.
Additional integrations with Symantec VIP for multi-element authentication and Symantec Web Isolation for greater risk prevention similarly enlarge the answer.
“Users need each time, everywhere get right of entry to to the applications and corporate sources that allow them to speedy accomplish their responsibilities, but IT and security professionals want to protect them, and the organization, from the commercial enterprise dangers related to enabling an instantaneous-access version,” said Doug Cahill, senior analyst and organization director, Enterprise Strategy Group.
“Symantec’s at ease get entry to the solution, a part of its Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, is the right technique to maintain customers relaxed and efficient while considerably reducing the hazard.”
New solution skills
SaaS utility protection – CloudSOC Mirror Gateway (patent-pending) uses Symantec Web Isolation competencies to deliver the enterprise’s first robust set of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) protection controls for unmanaged devices, overlaying all modern-day SaaS applications. Users now have actual-time, in-line security controls over using public cloud programs from any tool.
Additionally, new integrations in CloudSOC CASB Gateway permit granular coverage controls during a cloud session based on adaptive multi-aspect authentication via Symantec VIP or solutions from Symantec TIPP accomplice Okta.
IaaS utility safety – Content uploaded or downloaded to corporate programs deployed in IaaS and other environments may be inspected with industry-main Symantec DLP for enforcement of records security guidelines, in addition to antivirus and sandboxing technologies for hazard prevention.
These modern capabilities are to be had in Symantec Secure Access Cloud, based totally on technology Symantec obtained from Zero Trust pioneer Luminate in February 2019.
The provider uses a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) approach to provide an easy and comfortable way to present customers get admission to to only the precise company packages and assets for which they’re authorized, regardless of where they may be deployed.
In addition to the new content scanning capabilities, the carrier now additionally includes multi-element authentication abilties to permit continuous chance-primarily based identification verification.
Web and internet protection – New integrations and tool aid had been launched for the Web Security Service, Symantec’s cloud-delivered network security carrier securing employees’ internet and internet get right of entry to and use.
The provider now integrates with Secure Access Cloud, allowing sharing of internet classes and authenticated person data to simplify the operation and use of the offerings. Additionally, Web Security Service has multiplied aid to consist of Windows 10 and Chromebook devices.
Email protection – The isolation of suspicious email attachments has been delivered to Email Security. Cloud’s present embedded link isolation capability. Now users can verify that the attachment is both real and safe before it’s far released into their surroundings.
Combined with link isolation, this particular, integrated method insulates customers from e-mail threats along with phishing, ransomware, and account takeover.

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