Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) is marking its 100th anniversary this year. Been active considering the fact that decades before India’s independence, the WIAA commenced life with some 500 English contributors and today, it is one among the biggest car associations in Asia with over 1,08,000 members with activities increasing to diverse cities in Western India. We were given in communication with WIAA Executive Chairman Nitin Dossa to dig deeper into the start and progress of motorsports in India and WIAA’s role in it.


Mr. Dossa has been there, visible it involved in years now. He tells us that while the formal registration of WIAA happened in 1919 as a Section 25 non-income employer, seems we’ve got were given to go in addition again in time to apprehend the beginning of this corporation.

It becomes the Western Motor Union that held India’s first automobile rally in 1904 from New Delhi to Mumbai. The Union turned into later merged to WIAA, which nowadays operates in tandem with the worldwide governing body of motorsports FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile).

Until 1970, WIAA remained the most important motorsports affiliation in India and continued to hold and promote motorsports sports within u . S. A. In 1971 though, the WIAA committee opined that to maintain actively in motorsports, the greater team of workers and capital was required and it changed into then decided to prevent lively continuation in motorsports. It was in this 12 months when FMSCI – Federation of Motor Sports Club of India – become formulated.

When Nitin Dossa joined WIAA, he’d already collected lots of revel in automobile rallying. He reactivated motorsports in the WIAA. Also, it became underneath his guidance WIAA first held an all-girls vehicle rally 10 years back. And this year, it was the first time that the rally had an all-women organizer group as properly. Not most effective first in India, however, this may additionally be an international-first as properly and FIA to recognizes in no way has a car rally at this scale been organized via an all-women crew.

Mr. Dossa continues to tell us that the WIAA has been more actively worried about matters regarding road safety. Over the beyond 10 years, a stark boom in avenue coincidence fatalities has been witnessed and to help diminish the identical, WIAA is operating in driving force schooling.

He gave us an instance to stress the seriousness of the mater. He noted a village in Kutch which has approximately four hundred widows as their husbands lost their lives in street accidents. Kutch has over 60,000 vans and WIAA is preparing to educate the heavy vehicle drivers within the vicinity. A new motive force training center is being set up in Kutch, while one already operates in Ahmedabad.

Nitin Dossa believes that the fee of accidents may be significantly added down thru such training centers.

The cease of this very exciting communication with Nitin Dossa had to include antique vehicles. He is after all the owner of a protracted listing of those – 50 to be specific. No surprise the person became right for this task and no marvel he takes a keen interest within the vintage automobile rally held in Mumbai each yr.

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An absolute allure to talk with, Dossa is an avid antique vehicle fanatic so I did dread asking him which one of the 50 cars become his favorite. How do you ask a person a question like that? It’s like asking which one in all your children is your preferred, however, it was inevitable. So, I did.

After giving a cut up-second really worth a concept – so he has to actually adore it – he says his 1933 Hudson changed into the one. And it certainly is the one! It is the handiest instance left – inside the global.

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