Updating your Apple Watch is less complicated than ever with watchOS 6. Read on for a way to replace software directly on Apple Watch.
WatchOS 6 is bringing a dedicated App Store to Apple Watch for the first time, and it also brings software program updates that can be downloaded and established immediately at the wearable. This is an on hand alternate from watchOS 5 and earlier that required watchOS updates to be initiated from the iPhone Watch app.
Note: watchOS 6 is presently handiest available as a developer beta and will be to be had to the public within the fall.
WatchOS 6: How to replace the software program directly on Apple Watch
Open Settings for your Apple Watch and tap General
Toward the pinnacle, select Software Update
If a watchOS update is available, tap Download and Install
Follow alongside underneath for a better have a look at the technique:
As has been the case with preceding watchOS software, you’ll nevertheless want to have 50% or more battery life and have your watch on the charger when appearing a software program replace.

Apple additionally highlights that you shouldn’t get rid of the watch from the charger all through the setup technique.
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